Welcome to the Litter Box

Hello folks, I’m pleased to announce that all but the tail end of episode 2 is written (pun intended). I’m not sure how long the art will take, but I can say for sure that episode 1 took me quite a bit of time, about a couple months. However, I established some techniques and started to feel more comfortable with the art style during episode 1, so I’m hoping the 2nd one goes quicker.

So I’ve been thinking about how to keep you guys entertained with relatively spoiler-free new art and content, without just posting new pages as they come, as I prefer to release this in episodic form, the story feels more pleasing to me that way.

To this end, we have removed the Rants section, because I don’t actually have much interest in ranting, and replaced it with the new “Litter Box” section, which you are now viewing, and will soon be showcasing new art, scratch art, storyboards and layouts, or whatever seems like it may be interesting enough to share.  The home page will also be slightly redesigned in an attempt to make it clear when new stuff is available.  And of course new and more advanced navigation will be introduced as multiple episodes become available.

Thanks for your interest in Zombie Apawcalypse, and I hope you are enjoying what’s here so far.