George and his Pencil

Heya folks, no new Zombie Apawcalypse artwork this week.  For one, my current progress on Episode 2 is thoroughly in spoiler territory now.  For two, I considered making something for this site but I got tied up making this instead…

George and his Pencil splash

It’s another comic I used to make, and am gradually bringing back to life, as time allows.  Which it does not, very much, so much to do, so little time.

In other news, Zombie Apawcalypse and George and his Pencil are making an appearance in a group comic art show at Actual cafe in Oakland, at the corner of San Pablo and Alcatraz.  The opening happened on Friday, Feb 8th, and was a damn good time.  The art will be up until March 8th, or until some clumsy cafe customers knock it down.

If I thought this website had enough traffic rolling thru I might’ve made an announcement beforehand, but I think not doing so made no difference.  Here’s what the display looks like from a distance…

Comic On! display

Cheapo ikea frames for the win!