Behind the Pet Door – Episode 1 Opening shots

Hiya folks.  Zombie Apawcalypse was originally envisioned as an animation.  I knew I wanted to start it with a voice-over, so before I sat down to actually storyboard the thing, I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to create some backgrounds for the intro shots.  Then while storyboarding, I realized just how crazy I was to consider taking an animation of this magnitude on all by myself.  And, having no team to help, I decided instead to make it into a comic.

So, the opening shots, originally created at 720p resolution, were shrunk down into the comic, to a size where almost all detail was lost.  As these were some of the first pieces of art made for the project, the style evolved quite a bit, and they don’t quite stylistically match up with the rest of the comic.  But that sort of thing will happen.

1st opening shot – Aerial shot of town – Click on images for full size

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot 1 720p

This is the only image I actually redrew for the comic.  I planned to have a slightly sloppy style when originally planning the animation, but by the time I’d gotten down to making the comic, I was leaning toward a much less sloppy style, and this just didn’t cut it anymore.

2nd opening shot – Main St

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Main St 720pTrivia fact – One of the wrecked cars is supposed to be a Miata.

3rd opening shot – Saloon and park

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Saloon 720p

4th opening shot – Bob’s Auto

One of the things that annoys me the most when working on art, is going into great detail on an element of an image, then realizing all of the detail has to be scratched and redone, because some major element of the image (perspective, layout, etc) doesn’t cut it.  So I will typically start with a very loose and scribbly picture to make sure the layout of the background, or all the character poses are satisfactory, before doing the details.  Here is the scratch art for Bob’s Automotive, followed by the final version.

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Bob's Auto Scratch

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Bobs Auto Final 720p

5th opening shot – leading the reader towards the outskirts of the town

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Residential 720p

6th opening shot – edge of town

Zombie Apawcalypse Intro Shot Edge of Town 720p

Stay tuned for more Behind the Pet Door…